Editors' pick: Originally published Dec. 3, 2008.

We all have that tree-hugging friend who would be disappointed or even offended to receive a trendy gift wrapped in store-bought paper with all the bells and whistles. What a waste of paper! 

Rather than having to endure another lecture about your carbon footprint, you can instead get that friend a gift even the strictest environmentalist could stand behind. What's Christmas without appeasing a guilty global conscience?

From wallets to earrings, everything in this guide is made from recycled materials. 

Recycled Newspaper Pencils

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Now considered "a waste of paper," newspapers have been disappearing from the racks for the past few years in favor of online readership.

Respect the past and create hope for a better future with these tree-free pencils, made from scraps of yesterday's news. 

 Vintage Mason Jar Silver Drop Earrings 

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These beautiful earrings are made from scraps of mason jars found throughout Pennsylvania. Each piece comes with a history of where the glass came from.

What's jewelry without a good story behind it? 

Decommissioned Fire Hose Money Clip

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For a slim wallet with a heroic background, check out this money clip from Recycled Firefighter.

Each wallet is made from a decommissioned polyester fire hose sewn with nylon thread. 

Recycled Keys Photo Frame

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This handcrafted frame is the key to the perfect gift. (See what I did there?)

Its classic patinaed look makes the perfect addition to any room. 

Refresh Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Glassware

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Live out the dream of drinking wine directly out of the bottle with this unique glassware set.

The collection comes with four different glasses cut from discarded wine bottles. Currently, 70% of wine bottles end up in a landfill. With these glasses, you can sip with a clear conscience. 

Soulmate Socks

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Who needs matching socks? This vibrant pair is made from 100% recycled cotton blend yarns. Step out in style with a unique machine-washable design. 

Eco Stars Crayons

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Whether for a child or for a kid at heart, these fun-shaped 100% recycled crayons keep things colorful with the environment in mind.

Now you just need a coloring book made of recycled paper. 

Recycled Hanging Wren House

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If you're watching birds, you might as well do it in a way that protects the world in which they live.

This wren and chickadee birdhouse is made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Recycled Metal Gecko Wall Hanging

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Made from recycled oil drums, this colorful gecko adds a splash of color to your dreary first-floor apartment. Martha Stewart would be proud. 

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