Imagine sticking your toes in the sand while you work on a beach in Bali, having a business meeting in a bistro in Budapest, or knocking off work to go surfing in the Canary Islands. Have WiFi, will travel could be the byword of many remote workers, if all they need is a laptop and a decent internet connection. 

Nomad List, a crowdsourced database founded by Dutch coder Pieter Levels, dynamically analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points in over 1,200 cities around the world and ranks them based on things like cost of living, current weather, traffic, air quality and, of course, internet speed, to help its base of 100,000 digital nomads find places to live, work, play and connect with other nomads.

In Nomad List's ratings, the highest weight is given to affordability, current temperatures (it should be comfortable), internet speed and safety. Other indicators such as air quality, low racism, gay/LGBTQ friendliness and nightlife are also considered.

Nomad List's costs of living is based on a single remote worker living in a private room for up to three months in the city center and eating out three times a day. While the lists are constantly changing, here are some of the places with the highest 'Nomad score' for remote workers: