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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Google (Stock Quote: GOOG) just made it a little easier for consumers to find flights quickly this summer, with the launch of a new flight schedule finder built into the company’s existing search engine.

Now when travelers are looking for available flights between cities, all they need to do is type in “flights from” into the search bar, followed by the departing and arrival cities, and Google will display a chart of all the non-stop flights in the results.

For example, searching for “Flights from New York to Chicago”  reveals that there are 61 to 97 nonstop flights every day between the two cities, with an average duration of just more than two and a half hours. The chart organizes the flights by time and airline, and notes the days of the week that each are available. In this way, travelers can get a fuller picture of the available times and airlines when trying to schedule their flights, something that may be particularly useful for those who travel frequently for business.

More impulsive travelers can also leave the destination open-ended in the search in order to find all the places that one can fly to from your current city on any particular day of the week.

As Google notes in a blog post announcing the feature, this is just the first in a series of flight search tools that the company plans to release in the coming months, driven in part by the company’s acquisition earlier this year of ITA, a travel software company.

Admittedly, this particular feature will do little to help consumers searching for special deals or flights with multiple stopovers that may be cheaper, but then again, there are plenty of other sites like Kayak, Orbitz and Hipmunk one can turn to for that.

Instead, what this tool provides is something more basic and yet harder to come by: a comprehensive timetable of flights that one can use as a reference point when planning a trip.

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