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Google has created some buzz in its efforts to face off with Facebook for the distinction of most popular social networking tool with new photo, video and status message sharing features.

The new Gmail tool, known as Buzz, lets users see a list of status updates from other users they’re connected to, much like Facebook fans would, and allows them to comment on their friends' posts, according to BBC News. Users will be able to import photos and feeds from Picasa, Flickr, Twitter and Google Reader and determine whether to share their information publicly or privately, Google says.

But while Google may dominate the search realm and Gmail makes for a popular bottomless pit of an e-mail inbox, whether social networkers prefer an all-in-one format remains to be seen. After all, new social networking features could be just as disappointing as the first Google (Stock Quote: GOOG) phone, the T-Mobile G1.

Facebook has about 400 million users, while Gmail has just about 170 million, according to the BBC. Maybe this will up Gmail's numbers, at least that's the hope.

Which would you prefer: e-mail on your Facebook or social networking on your Gmail? Let us know in the comments section below!