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We hear about these IPO lotteries and how you can get an odd lot of shares, and we tend to think that the odds for winning are New York State Lottery-like.

I know I so much as intimated that on Monday after I spoke on

Channel Five

in New York about how it was best to play initial public offerings through mutual funds.

But a host of you know more than I do and have filled me in on the truth. The lotteries can be real moneymakers and seem definitely worth striving for. I am going to print a letter I received from one of our more avid readers, because it talks about the melding of

and the lotteries to make a ton of money.

"Jim, Actually, a person can do very well with IPOs from E*Tradeundefined. Since June, I have made $50,000 on them. It is, however, getting harder and harder to get IPOs from E*Trade. They have just recently cut the number of shares after they distribute 100 to 50. I am a Platinum PowerE*Trade user, so that gives me a little better shot at some of the IPOs. I received the following IPO shares from E*Trade in 1999. Obviously, the bulk of my gains came from Red Hat and VA Linux last year. This year I have received the following IPOs so far: 50 CTRA (CTRA) , 50 DTEC (DTEC) and 50 LCOR undefined. Other friends of mine have received nice allocations of several IPOs. One friend of mine made almost $50,000 too last year. E*Trade's IPOS are not second-rate either. Only lost me any money (a whole $150!). ... A person does have to do their homework for these IPOs, though. Ben Holmes is one of the best sources for a good read on them. I put in indications for any IPO that has a reasonable chance to succeed. These relatively small IPO allocations may not mean much to someone with a seven-plus-figure portfolio. But I am still working on getting to mine! To me, it's just "free money" when I get a distribution of a good IPO. The risk/reward is "extremely" favorable in today's market! I've missed out on a lot of good ones ... but the ones that I have received have been well worth my time and effort. Sorry to be so long-winded. ... I just wanted to give you guys at the top of the feeding chain a chance to see that IPOs can be obtained by people without a large brokerage account and $1 million."

  • 100 RAMP (RAMP)
  • 200 BEOS undefined
  • 200 RHAT undefined
  • 100 HOTJ (HOTJ)
  • 100 SAGI undefined
  • 100 PRDS (PRDS)
  • 100 ASFD undefined
  • 100 VIXL undefined
  • 100 ECTX undefined
  • 100 LNUX undefined
  • 100 EBNX undefined

To me, this reader has figured out how to use the Net to make money.

That's why I have provided you with his whole letter. I think it is an inspiration. I remember when I first started trading out of phone booths to support myself while I was at law school. What I wouldn't have done to have the opportunities you all have now.

Don't forget that one day the IPO market will turn cold and the lottery winners will turn into lottery so-so'ers. But it is worth it to try to capture what you can when you can.

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