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LOS ANGELES -- There are plenty of portable hard drives on the market, but this new one from Hammer can be customized. The company will create a protective skinto put on the drive. This is a great idea, especially for traveling executives -- airport and hotel thieves are less likely to want to pocket them.

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Mac is unlike a number of other cooling solutions on the market. For one, it's got a perforated mesh top that sits under and supports your Mac notebook. Some of the other cooling pads are solid and can't breathe as well.

Now for the skinny on the Skinnable.

Hammer MoreSpace Skinnable Portable Hard Drive
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If your portable drive has a company logo on it, airport and hotel thieves are less likely to want to pocket it themselves. Personalize your portable electronics. The photo illustrates the skin they created for Gadget Grrl.

The drive is small enough to fit in your pocket or the side of your laptop case. I also like that the drives works both on PC or Mac, and doesn't need to be reformatted.

It is never a good idea to store documents or any media on your hard drive. An external hard drive is a really good idea to ensure that if you do experience a crash, your data (digital or otherwise) won't be lost.

Weighing in at about 5 ounces the USB 2.0 MoreSpace drive has a 2.5-inch HDD inside. It's available in various increments from 160GB to 500GB. To illustrate the amount of storage you'll get, a 500GB will store 125,000 songs, 175 movies, 165,000 photos and 250 video games.

There is only one cord required to power this drive via USB, so you won't have to chew up more than one USB slot to use it.

Chill Mat for Mac
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The Targus Chill Mat has a perforated mesh top that sits under and supports your Mac notebook. The mesh surface also grips your notebook very well so it won't slide back and forth while in use.

There are two fans built into the Chill Mat, both or which are powered via USB.

What I like about this device are the noise levels, which are very low. The last thing you want to add to your Mac notebook is a ton of background noise.

Because it is powered via USB, you can use the Chill Mat either on a desk or on your lap.And it's angled, so typing is not a problem.

Finally, the size on the Chill Mat will accommodate all Mac notebooks up to 17".

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