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Get Connected in Telecom

Check out Cody Willard's newsletter for the inside take on this industry.
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I'm receiving a fair amount of email from readers about the telecom sector. After being in the tank for the past few years, the sector is now rebounding enough to provide some good value plays.

Cody Willard is our telecom guru, and if you're interested in making a trade in that sector, he's the fellow you should read. Cody writes

The Telecom Connection

, our email service that covers the industry, and so far he has done a stellar job: The Telecom Connection portfolio is up 16.69% since inception, compared to a 38.4% decline over the same time period for the Nasdaq Telecom Index.

I can't recommend The Telecom Connection enough. Just

click here

for a free trial, especially if you're interested in trading or investing in the telecom sector.

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