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Fund Web Site Pet Peeves

Also: Splitting the QQQ, Convexity defined and investing with a five-year time horizon.

A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

Things That Bug Me About Fund Web Sites
By Dagen McDowell
Outdated info, cheesy music -- there's a lot not to like. More

Can Shares of the QQQ Ever Split?
By Dagen McDowell
They can, but it's not likely to happen. More

Readers Critique Fund Web Sites
By Dagen McDowell
In general, they'd prefer more info, less hype and faster load times. More

How Can You Recommend Bonds to a 5-Year Investor?
By Dagen McDowell
It may be hard to recall now, but bonds have outperformed U.S. stocks over some five-year periods. More

Noncallable Bonds Provide the Joy of Convexity
By Elizabeth Roy
Noncallable bonds have it, and callables don't. More