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Editor's Note: Our sister site, provides a variety of features to help you save, spend and live better. Here's a sample from today's lineup:

Food Co-ops Save Cash, Share Profits

Food co-ops are not only a great way to save on your monthly grocery bill. Many also offer customers the opportunity to own part of the business and share in the profits.


reviews how Co-ops have changed over the years. Click here to read more about

food co-ops.

Easy Ways to Save $100 A Week

Food prices are up, your home's value has depreciated and money is tight. But there's a great deal of savings staring us right in the face.


offers some quick cash fixes.

Click here to learn

how to save $100 a week.

What Price Beauty: Carmindy's Look For Less

Makeup artist Carmindy wants to change the way you think about yourself and beauty in general. Her new book,

Get Positively Beautiful

, comes out Tuesday. In an interview with


, she offers tips for the best beauty products at the best price.

Here's a link to the

interview with Carmindy.