Warm weather brings out pet-seeking fleas and ticks, increasing the need for spot treatments, sprays, collars and shampoos to prevent transmission of Lyme disease from the insects.

But be warned: In addition to skin irritation, common flea and tick treatments for pets might be the cause of seizures and death, according to government regulators evaluating certain products’ safety.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it has received reports of mild to severe side effects and even death after the use of some pesticides used for flea and tick control on pets.

“While many people use the products with no harm to their pets, EPA recommends that pet owners take precautions when using these products,” the agency said in a press release. The EPA advises pet owners to follow all label directions carefully and keep an eye out for side effects, especially if you’re using the product on your pet for the first time. The agency also says pet owners may want to speak with a veterinarian about how to use the products carefully.

Most of the adverse side effects reported involved spot products which are usually sold in tubes or vials for application to specific areas of your pet’s body, such as the area in between the shoulders or in a stripe along the back.

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Flea collars containing amitraz, permethrin or organophosphates can be fatal to cats.

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