Valentine's Day can be a time of stress as we scramble to think of the ideal gift for the perfect way of telling the one we love that he or she is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

It's easy to be clichéd with flowers and chocolates. And, certainly, there's nothing wrong with candy and spa treatments if those are things your partner likes. The key is finding a personal connection with your sweetheart.

From Monday through Friday this week, we are offering "experiential" gift ideas that might help you turn a normal Valentine's into something more lasting and memorable. (Monday's


featured a way to name a star after your loved one. Tuesday's


focused on wine. On Wednesday was the


of chocolate and spa. And yesterday, we had hiring a



Love from the air or sea:

There's nothing quite as romantic as seeing the world from a new perspective, the person you love next to you, holding on to you, sharing the beauty of the surroundings. A nice, quiet ride by hot-air balloon or slow-moving boat are wonderfully relaxing ways to spend a Valentine's Day. They can be coupled with tasty meals and delicious spirits.

Want to make this Valentine's


Valentine's to remember? Well, a gondola might not be a bad place to propose to your significant other, high above the trees, across from glowing yellow mountains or over long purple plains, with Champagne, breakfast and classical music.

California Dreamin'

, based in Murrieta, offers a sunrise flight over the Temecula Wine Country this Valentine's Day for $158 a person, as well as a sunset flight in the Del Mar Coastal Valley for $188.

Arizona Ballooning

in Phoenix offers another take on romantic scenery, as passengers fly low above the Sonoran Desert at sunrise, and past the mountains and mesas of southern Arizona.

If it's too cold where you are for outdoor flying and gliding, helicopters go year-round.

New York Helicopter

takes out passengers starting at $139 a person for a 15-minute ride over some of the hot spots of Manhattan, including past the Empire State Building, which will surely be lit in a deep, romantic red.

If you really want to get the full helicopter experience, why not charter your own for you and your friends, and head out to the Hamptons to party. Six-passenger charters at

Liberty Helicopter

start at $2,900. It'll take you 40 minutes of gorgeous coastline flying to reach the end of the island.

Maybe the still waters of a canal, lake or river are more your style, in the way Cleopatra enticed Julius Caesar, as she mythically rode down the Nile in royal glory.

Vancouver Cruises

offers a Valentine's dinner cruise of the glorious Inner Harbor and beyond, aboard the Queen of Diamonds, with a meal featuring baron of beef, salmon, Thai noodle salad and a dessert buffet featuring a chocolate fountain.

Or take some real time off and cruise the ocean blue.

Celebrity Cruises



offer cruises of the Caribbean over Valentine's Day, while

Holland America

advertises a 10-day Sea of Cortez itinerary in the Gulf of California starting on the 13th. Call now to reserve your spot on the sea.

Nate Herpich is a freelance writer and editor living in Brooklyn, N.Y. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, the Christian Science Monitor and Sports