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Financial Horoscopes: Gemini, Be Thrifty reveals what the stars have in store for you and your money today.

Ever wondered about your financial horoscope?

Here's your horoscope for today, May 22, 2008. This is a special treat for the Memorial Day week approaching, and to usher in summer. You can receive this every day on MainStreet.

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While you're not being cheap, it does pay to be thrifty. Weigh the options carefully today. If someone is pushing you to invest, take another look at who benefits, and by how much. You don't need failed deals piling up on your doorstep. If you can reach a fair market price without extensive haggling, you're probably good to go.


Remember when rates were lower, people were honorable and market trends were predictable? Actually, all that never happened, but your hunger for simplicity is feeding these fantasies. Shake it off today. Deal with things as they are. Keep your head above water for now, and stay away from bigger ventures until you feel more confident about their outcome.


Playtime is over. Get back to your spreadsheet and start crunching numbers again. Yes, it's that dreaded double-squeeze of hard work and reduced funds. Don't worry; this isn't your future -- it's just a temporary condition that might determine the shape of your future. Keep your spirits high and do what you do best, and you'll pull through.


You're all about best practices and due diligence. You won't let anyone get away with anything. But does that make you morally superior? It's a good idea to follow the financial rules, but don't get too much of an attitude. Assume that others are doing their best, and don't call a scam a scam until you have proof.


Keep on putting your financial house in order today. Consider all your assets at face value instead of getting lost in the softer numbers of projected earnings. It's probably not the best moment for pooling your money with people who believe the same story, because that story could be changing soon.

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Nurture a sense of cautious optimism today, and back it up with smart choices. You're probably not a big enough player to manipulate the market on a grand scale, and anything less could hurt your credit and credibility. Be happy with small gains and modest returns. Considering that many people never catch a break at all, that's pretty good.


Go for quick, effective trades. Even the simplest transaction feels like flirting with destiny or dodging disaster. Yes, you like your drama today, but in a good way. You're generating excitement like a market leader, even if it's just around business as usual. This kind of buzz can attract some real money.


Today the wave hits, the pile collapses or the feathers hit the fan. Whatever you call it, your workload is insane. It's time to kill the deals that aren't happening, or at least hand them off to someone else. Don't let your mind and mouth outrun your paper trail. The more you can document this hectic time, the stronger your position.


Hold off with the tips and declarations, even if you're bursting to tell someone. Deals are still ripening, funds haven't yet matured and proprietary information needs to stay that way for a while. It helps if you're good at poker, because then you can bluff instead of having to make excuses for why you can't tell.


Paying the price is part of playing the game. If you budgeted for this, you're good. If you can steer clear of unforeseen expenses today, waste no time. It could be a while before any special dividends or angel investors come along to bail you out, and you'll need all the resources you can get.


Possibility doesn't always equal opportunity. Aim for the easiest financial goals today. Don't be offended if the big-time traders call your strategy child's play -- it's important that you avoid extra debt or risk for the next few weeks. Too many people seem to have forgotten that staying in the black is reasonable and even honorable.


It's good that you're confident about surviving. Be confident that you can excel, too. Whether the market is tight or your own budget doesn't allow much wiggle room, find small, smart ways to profit. You might get a nice little turnover when things are heavily regulated. Put your money into areas where people are guaranteed to behave themselves.