Looking for work? Well then you should start paying more attention to government jobs.

The Washington Post reports that today President Obama will order federal agencies to speed up the hiring process. According to the Post, “Federal applicants currently find jobs through USAjobs.gov and must write lengthy essays -- known as KSAs -- that assess their knowledge, skills and abilities. Once KSAs are submitted, a response from an agency can take months, if applicants get one at all.” But now, Obama wants to eliminate that system and switch to the standard “resume-based system” that you would use to apply for a normal job, which could cut the average application time in half.

I’m sure some of you are probably wondering what this has to do with you, since good government jobs must be few and far between. However, according to one estimate last year, the government needs to hire tens of thousands of new employees to carry out the current administration’s wide range of government initiatives. So there is clearly no shortage of jobs, which is great, since there is also no shortage of Americans in need of work.

If you’re curious what jobs are out there, check out USAjobs.gov and also look at our roundup of some of the highest paying and coolest sounding government jobs around.

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