Exxon Mobil

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advanced 4%. Karabell said Exxon has been a laggard in the energy space for years, even though the stock held up this month.


Hartford Financial

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plunged 75%. Adami said the best thing about Hartford was how Bank of America downgraded the stock today. He says "thanks for nothing."

General Motors

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fell 39%. Karabell said he was surprised it only dropped 40% this month.


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lost 33%. Terranova said to look for Citigroup to entertain some type of deal with either

Goldman Sachs

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Morgan Stanley

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iShares Emerging Markets ETF

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traded down 25%. Seymour says "valuations are cheaper in emerging markets than they were back in 2002 at the beginning of another huge five-year run."


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plunged 49%. Adami pointed out that Alcoa has suspended its stock repurchasing program.

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