Dylan Ratigan noted that

Lehman Brothers


was upgraded to overweight by Morgan Stanley.


(NOK) - Get Report

was up about 2% to $24.50. Karen Finerman said she did not see any particular reason why the stock moved up today.

Petroleo Brasileiro

(PBR) - Get Report

was up about 2% to $70.83.

H&R Block

(HRB) - Get Report

was up about 3% to $21.40. Terranova said the move had to do with the company swinging a profit for its fourth quarter.

Campbell Soup

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was up about 4% to $33.46. Besides saying "soup is good food," Adami said the movement had to do with the company increasing its outlook.



was up 21% to $49.87. Najarian attributed the rise to the company reporting strong earnings. He also said "energy chemical names were going up today."


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was up about 7% to $11.40.

Petrohawk Energy


was up about 8% to $46.31. Terranova said, "Don't chase it up here."


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was up about 5% to $25.81. Guy Adami says the move has to do with the company raising about $9 billion. While the news was positive, he says to avoid the company.

Pier 1

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was up 6% to $4.27. Karen Finerman said she wanted to give a response Jeff Macke would give, so she comically said, "You know when you are really in trouble when your stock goes up for not making a stupid acquisition."

Darden Restaurants

(DRI) - Get Report

was up 7% to $33.76. Joe Terranova said "it reported an earnings surprise yesterday." But he said he doesn't like the stock and recommends investors sell into any rally.


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was up 9% to $52.67. Adami said the upward rise was the result of analysts upgrading the stock as a result of its current valuation.



was up about 9% to $25.53. Finerman said the movement had to do with the company affirming its outlook.


(NOK) - Get Report

was up about 6% to $26.10. Najarian said that although he owns shares of Research In Motion, he is positive on Nokia. He said "it's about time" regarding today's movement and said this stock should continue to do well.


( WINN) was up 13% to $17.49. Terranova said the stock is heavily shorted. He says the stock can be bought back on weakness since he still sees upside potential.


(PZN) - Get Report

gained on the day. Finerman said that, quite frankly, "I don't know why it was up." He then speculated that perhaps investors bought the stock as an alternative play to financials.

Jabil Circuit

(JBL) - Get Report

was up 16% to $16.57. Najarian stated that anything in Jabil's sector, including



, is doing quite well.


Ratigan noted that

Fortune Brands

( FO) cut its outlook, causing the stock to move down after hours.


(V) - Get Report

was down about 2% to $81.31. Admai said the stock went down on profit-taking but stated that he prefers


(MA) - Get Report

over Visa.

Whole Foods


was down about 4% to $23.69. Pete Najarian said the reason it's down is that people "are going to


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(WMT) - Get Report


Fannie Mae


was down 65 to $19.51. Finerman said he was tempted to say the stock looks attractive at its current valuation but said it still looks too risky.



was down 6% to $4.07. Najarian said the company is struggling as costs rise rapidly from inflation. 

Massey Energy

( MEE) was down about 2% to $88.92. Pete Najarian said "2% is not that bad."


(ROK) - Get Report

was down 12% to $45.77. Adami said the stock hit a 52-week low today since it gave a "lousy guidance." Admai earlier in the show did mention that he was positive on the future outlook for the company.

XTO Energy

( XTO) was down about 4% to $67.45. Terranova said to "give it a few days or a week before you pull back in."

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