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National City


jumped 8%. Najarian said take a look at the regional banks because they will prosper.


Honda Motors


dropped 6%. Najarian said September sales for Honda were down 24%.



fell 8%. Macke said all good cults come to an end.

Marriott International


slipped 5%. Adami mentioned that it lowered full-year guidance and said it wasn't going to buy back meaningful stock for the next year. "If they don't think the stock is cheap, than neither should you," he said.



traded down 6%. Seymour pointed out that Merrill Lynch downgraded the oil service sector. "Less money is going to be spent on E&P if oil goes down," he added.



plunged 8% after Morgan Stanley downgraded the stock from overweight to equal-weight. Macke questioned why anyone would be long this stock.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe


lost 7%. Adami said to get back in BNI around $80 per share.

iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index


dropped 4%. Seymour said you're better off in China than other places. "China has controlled inflation, and their policy is easing," he said.

MEMC Electronic Materials


plunged 13%. Najarian says he can't figure this stock out.

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