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was up 5% to $11.85. Pete Najarian said all airlines are rallying today and that the sector has had "an excellent run" as a result of the oil weakness.



was up about 7% to $51.72. Joe Terranova said he likes the stock and feels the company is operating well. However, he said he is "concerned with the second half of the year" and recommends it would be best to stick with food retailers.



shares increased 5% to $31.78. Quint Tatro said, "I like the stock, but I would wait for a drop."

Cypress Semiconductor


rose 12% to $30.43. Najarian said the stock is up since it is associated with






was up 12% to $38.36. Seymour believes "all the bad news is priced in the stock" and feels that while there is perhaps not huge upside left for the stock, there is "some good news left for the company to drive it higher."




dropped by15% to $36.52. Tim Seymour contributed the fall in the stock to a big decline in profit for its fourth-quarter.

Silver Wheaton


was down about 5% to $10.09. Terranova mentioned the fall in silver prices is attributing to the stock being down. But he also pointed out while silver and gold are down today, copper is up.



is down about 7% to $51.59. Tatro said, "I would stay in the stock with a stop on today's low."

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