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Who's in Charge Here?

Determining "head of household" status relies solely on support, not age.

Kids Lessons on Casualty Losses From the O.J. Case and Others

There's a gray area when it comes to claiming tax deductions on casualty and theft losses.

Kids Earning Income? Include Them on Your Return

You may be able to report that income on your return and avoid the headaches (and cost) of filing another tax return.

Deductions for Your Health and Your Wealth

With rising health care costs, it's time you tackled one of the most elusive tax breaks.

How to Handle Saving for Education Without an Advanced Degree

There are several deductions available -- here's how to sort through the muck.

Did You Change Your Name?

If not, it may prohibit you from filing your tax return on time.

Single Parent? Get Credit For It!

If your kids still live with you, then you may qualify to file your tax return as head of household.

Home, Sweet Tax Break

Here's the lowdown on sorting out the tax implications of refis, points, renting, owning and more.

Divorce, IRS Style

Splitting up can lead to many problems, including tax issues. Here's what you need to know.

The Gifts That Keep on Taking: How to Navigate the Gift Tax

You can still be generous of spirit and wallet without running afoul of the IRS.