Facebook’s COO recently advised companies to post things on the social networking site “often and quickly and imperfectly and just keep changing it”—a sort of fast and dirty approach to PR that some may find objectionable.

Sure, rapid and raw updates are fine for a high school student using social media, but is it appropriate for a large organization or brand to do the same?

Right now, I’m charged with maintaining MainStreet’s own excellent Twitter feed and Facebook page, but would quickly find myself out of a job if I tweeted every time I was, say, hungry or getting another cup of coffee. Brands need a clear voice, some traditional PR experts would argue.

Greg Cohen, Brand Public Relations expert at The Richards Group, works with large clients including Patrón tequila and Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances. He told MainStreet that too many “random, rough updates don’t do much to build brand equity. Scattered posts, as humorous or well-intentioned as they may be, run the risk of confusing people as to what the company or brand stands for.” Instead, he thinks that “consistent communication” is the key to maintaining a successful brand; this communication can be done over social media platforms like Facebook, as long as it is “brand-right”.

Richard Dukas, CEO of Dukas Public Relations, goes even further: he believes Facebook is one of the final steps a company should take in its social media program. “Companies that don’t take the time to research and plan before using Facebook are likely wasting their time, and may even discourage potential customers with content that is not appropriate for the site,” he said.

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Most organizations will no doubt eventually strike the perfect balance between those “random, rough” updates and more polished dispatches. Anyway, I’m feeling a bit hungry now… gonna go get a snack. TTYL.

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