Sometimes somebody, somebody else, just gets it so right you have to sit up and say, "That's it, that's dead on, that's what I am going to do." Usually for me it is

Jeff Berkowitz

, my able and trusted partner.

Sometimes it is

Byron Wien

, who has guided me through incredibly difficult times always with an eye toward making the biggest gains with the least risk. (Wien is a strategist at

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

.) Sometimes it is my wife, the

Trading Goddess

, who worked with me for seven years running my trading desk.

This time it is

Helene Meisler

. Her

piece about the oversold


and the carnage in the B2Bs on these pages is the best piece out there right now that tells me what to do. After I finished reading it I looked at my trading sheets and I said "I don't own enough Nasdaq. I gotta get longer Nasdaq. I hope I have a chance. Maybe I am going to miss a big rally off the oversold."

I am sending this piece to all my compadres at the office for them to study this weekend. I am going to do my own charting of the

Red Hots (now retitled New Tech 30

) to make sense of it. And then I am going to have to do some buying for a vicious rally off the lows that might be coming -- if my braintrust agrees with me.

A word on that by the way. We work as a team at

Cramer Berkowitz

. (That is the name of the firm, not Cramer Co.) It is entirely possible that Jeff or

Matt "I Still Believe" Jacobs


Todd-o Harrison

, our head trader, disagrees with me. I usually try to give you a distillation of all of our views.

But as I have just read this piece this Saturday morning, I don't have all of the inputs I need -- however Helene has made me "feel" more bullish than I did before.

Now that's an important piece!

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