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Equity funds and exchange traded funds spent the last week scooping up cash as investors continue to chase the postelection rally.

AMG reports inflows of $4.2 billion for the week ended Nov. 17, on par with last week's take of $4.3 billion. TrimTabs says equity funds took in $5 billion, a sharp rise from last week's intake of $3 billion.

"Flow follows performance," says TrimTabs CEO Charles Biderman. "The market has been up in the three weeks since the election and now we are seeing the follow-through." TrimTabs says the pace of inflows in November thus far has been the highest since April.

TrimTabs says equity funds that invest primarily in U.S. stocks had inflows of $4.6 billion, compared with inflows of $2.6 billion the prior week. International equity funds took in $274 million, down from last week's take of $410 million.

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TrimTabs also reported domestic exchange traded funds, or ETFs, had a positive net issuance in excess of $2.5 billion for the third consecutive week.

Utility funds reported their seventh consecutive week of inflows with $41 million, the longest streak of inflows to the sector since November 1998, says AMG. Emerging markets equity funds reported inflows of $474 million raising their November total to $1.4 billion.

Taxable bond funds reported net cash outflows totaling $261 million, with the largest outflows coming from government bond funds, $436 million, and high-quality corporate bond funds, which lost $275 million, according to AMG.