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Election 2000: It's Your Money

<I></I> delivers presidential race coverage from the perspective of your pocket.
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Hail to the chief, but who's the chief that we'll be hailing?

That's the big question as (less than half of) Americans head out to the polls Tuesday to elect the first U.S. president of the third millennium. There are lots of meaty issues swirling around this election -- abortion, education, the environment, our national defense, to name a few. As your partner in this great experiment called democracy,

is offering a tighter focus for our election coverage: your wallet.

There are plenty of good reasons to rouse Americans from their collective voter apathy, and many of them pivot around what the candidates have pledged to do with your money -- your tax money, your investments, your retirement booty, your estate and your college savings. Some of the biggest differences between


Presidential Candidate and Vice President

Al Gore



Presidential Candidate and Texas Gov.

George W. Bush

involve your greenbacks. Do you know what they are?


has examined many of the differences in recent weeks, and rolled out a slew of articles worth checking before you head to the polls.

It's the Wallet, Stupid: A Voter's Guide to Investing Issues

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Who do you think will win the presidential election?

George W. Bush.

Al Gore.