With summertime comes that long list of around-the-house projects to be done. Whether you're building an entire house or just fixing a hole in the wall, it's time to put down the puny screwdriver and pick up something with some more muscle.

Because, really -- if you have to spend the day making repairs you might as well have some nice toys to help the job go by quicker. So throw on some flannel, hit the hardware store, and get in touch with your inner Norm Abram.

Max Re-Bar-Tier

If you're the kind of person whose weekend project list includes pouring slabs of concrete, then I salute you -- and offer this tool as a helping hand. For everyone else it's pretty useless, but anyone who has spent hours tying steel wire around rebar joints knows that it's far down the list of fun activities.

Enter this new tool from Max USA, which completes a rebar joint tie in about one second, all with one-handed operation. Your fingers will thank you.

Craftsman Vibra-Free Orbital Sander

Any woodworker knows the key to a nice finish is plenty of sanding. Craftsman is looking to make the job easier (and cleaner) with its vibra-free technology, which means that parts inside the standard five-inch sander move in opposite directions of each other, eliminating any vibration.

In addition, an attached air separator traps dust, keeping the workplace clean.

Rigid SeeSnake Camera

Like a gadget from a James Bond movie, this technical wonder is sure to prove useful at some point in the job.

The SeeSnake features a waterproof camera lit by LED's at one end of a flexible tube. At the user end is a small LCD screen so that you can see whatever the camera sees.

Use it to get a look behind walls, down a drain, or in duct work that you couldn't reach otherwise. Or just be a kid again and go spy on the neighbors.

Bosch 5412L Miter Saw

More Terminator than power tool, the latest in Bosch's line of tabletop miter saws is a welcome addition for any frequent do-it-yourselfer. Professional craftsmen wouldn't be caught dead without one, and the sooner you learn to use one the sooner you can stop relying on that handheld circular saw so much.

The 5412L is a 55-pound beast that offers easy-to-reach upfront bevel controls, dual-bevel cutting capability and laser tracking, so if you're suddenly short a few fingers there's no one to blame but yourself.

Festool TRION Jigsaw

Another must-have in any shop, the jigsaw is invaluable in just about any construction or remodeling project you can think of. The Festool TRION is up to every challenge you care to throw at it. It has an optional dust-collector attachment feature and a splinter-guard to keep cuts perfectly flush and clean.

The biggest feature is the carbide-tipped jaws that work with the clamping system to make sure there's no movement of the blade while cutting. That, plus ergonomic design, makes it a perfect option for much tougher, precise work.

Atlas Copco Cobra MK1

File this with the re-bar-tier under the category of things guys want, but probably don't need. Simply put, the Cobra is one of the most powerful jackhammers on the planet. It's gas-powered, so you can ditch that silly orange extension cord and work wherever things need breaking.

Attach the point-chisel tip and you'll be carving up your driveway with ease. And when you're done, switch over to the flat-tipped chuck and drive in tent stakes and backyard tiki torches the fun way.

DeWalt Router Combo Kit

This stable of construction tool kits is built to withstand job-site beatings and keep on ticking. The main draw is the ability to switch between a fixed or a plunge router with ease using the included clamp, making it a perfect all-in-one solution.

The detachable cord helps with storage, and a mico-adjustable knob makes sure you're cutting to just the right depth.

Rigid Palm Nailer

Plenty of folks with plenty of broken and bruised fingers can attest to the fact that an old-fashioned hammer and nail system is not always the best option.

Luckily, those of us lacking in the hand-eye coordination department need not worry any longer. Rigid's latest pneumatic nail gun literally fits in the palm of your hand and can drive nails of sizes up to 3.5 inches.

Its lack of size comes from its lack of motor, deriving all its power from the attached compressor, and that makes it perfect for getting into the tightest places that a regular hammer wouldn't.