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Employees may look forward to payday, but that's not the only reason they fight traffic, fatigue, and office politics to get their jobs done on a daily basis. Another reason is the company "perk," and the more perks and privileges they can collect, the more motivated they'll be on the job.

Studies back that notion up. A 2015 report from Genesis Associates, U.K.-based professional recruitment firm shows that 85% of employees surveyed said they were "more motivated" to produce on the job if the company offered incentives that went beyond a paycheck. Additionally, 73% of workers said their workplace environment was either "good" or "very good" if company perks were in play. Employers benefit, too. Company perks also boosted a company's overall profits by approximately $123,600 per week, Genesis reported.

With employee productivity - and employer profits - in mind, which perks do staffers want most? Try these ten perks on for size.