In the last two decades, colleges and universities have focused on developing their campus life strategies -- often with dedicated directors, and sometimes with entire departments devoted to upping the ante by attracting more applicants. Niche's rankings of dorms at 1,713 colleges and universities are about more than bricks and mortar -- it's about the whole package, from student safety to dining hall sundaes, and everything in between. Student survey results factored heavily into this list -- weighted at 70%-- culled from Niche users. Also considered: the average cost of campus housing, total housing capacity, and, importantly, student crime rate (each weighted at 10% -- culled from US Department of Education statistics between 2013 and 2015, as reported by colleges and universities). Notably, many of the colleges and universities that appear on this list are Christian denominational in their founding and identity (and Jesuit schools, in particular, make a good showing on this list). Another trend is the correlation between the number of students and the party scene grade -- more undergrads usually meant a higher party score. Overall, this is not a list of the "usual suspects" and you will, undoubtedly, be surprised more than once.