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Living in the "right school district" is one of those abstract concerns that keep parents up late at night doing Internet research and joining listervs. Is the high school in your district "right" because it's relatively safe? Or, is it "right" because it has a better-than-average graduation rate? Right could mean it has the best football team in the state. Or, perhaps right could just mean that it offers a balance between athletics and academics.

Ranking and review site has reviewed the 100 best public high schools in the United States (with a handy option to search nearby homes in each of those places) to clarify what right could mean. Would you be surprised to learn that 50% of the top 20 are either in New Jersey or New York? What about the fact that Texas and Illinois have respectable showings in the top 20, too, but not powerhouse states like California or Florida? Notably, one of the top 20 is named for an NFL legend, one for a legendary statesman, and almost one third of the top 20 are technical high schools.

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20. Bergen County Technical High School
Teterboro, NJ

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Academics Grade: A+
Parent/Student Surveys on Overall Experience: 4.1 out of 5
Student Culture & Diversity Grade: A
Resources & Facilities Grade: A

In the shadow of Teterboro Airport (the oldest in the NYC metro area), Bergen County Technical High School has only 651 students-meaning small class sizes-and ranks sixth in the state overall. While its Sports and Fitness grade on is only a C+, it makes up for it in other areas, namely Educational Outcomes and Teachers, which both get an A+.