Editor's Desk: Get Radio Active With Jim Cramer's Show

You'll be able to download Jim's freewheeling audio if you sign up for a free trial with our <I>RealMoney</I> site.
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We have two items of note for you today.

During the past several weeks, readers have asked if we were going to offer Jim Cramer's radio program --


with Jim Cramer -- on the site.

The answer is yes, and it premieres tonight on


, our subscription premium site. You can receive it here on


by clicking on our "Listen Now" button near the upper right-hand corner of the home page, which will take you to a free-trial registration page for


. Or simply click


If you haven't caught


with Jim Cramer, prepare yourself for a lot of fun. Jim broadcasts the show from our offices at 14 Wall St. in New York City every afternoon at 3, and one of my favorite parts of this job is to sit in on the show nearly every day.

Not only do I catch up on the very latest in stock advice, Jim makes me laugh so hard that I cry. (Make sure you ask him sometime about his Nana Mary.)

One other topic of reader mail: I receive a few emails a week asking about the whereabouts of Gary B. Smith. Gary writes for


, and names his trades every evening in The Chartman's Top Stocks, his premium email service. Click

here for a free trial and find out what The Chartman is up to.

Let's stay interactive.


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David Morrow.