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Reports of the death of Internet stocks have been greatly exaggerated. Almost as exaggerated, in fact, as earlier reports that the Internet would relegate all existing Old Economy stocks to the dustbin of market history.

True, gone are the days when a company that peddles pet astrology online can have a 200% pop at its initial public offering. Gone are the days when bricks-and-mortar companies are rewarded for setting up a profit-draining Web site of their very own. And gone, potentially, may be many of the once-highflying concept stocks that defined the early days of the Internet revolution and are now languishing 95% off their highs.

But it's not over. The Internet will continue to be the greatest agent of transformation across all industries for the next several years. And the winners will be the companies -- and investors -- who play the rapidly evolving Net wisely.

With that in mind,

offers "Dot-Com Is Dead; Long Live Dot-Com!" a special three-day package of features probing the creative destruction taking place on the Web and, in turn, the U.S. economy. The companies celebrated as the king of Net hill one week are beheaded the next. This package will help investors get past the noise to understand where the Internet economy has been and where it's headed -- and how to ride the gains and avoid the minefields.

What is going to happen to all those imperiled e-tailers? Who are the stodgy Old Economy companies that have used the Internet to revitalize their businesses? What are the lessons investors need to consider for the frenzy next time?

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is offering more stories on the state of the Internet, so stay tuned.