Does Janus 'Get' the Web?

Also, the value of net asset value, more on fund directors' independence and two funds that work well together.
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A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

What's Got Janus So Wary of the Web?
By Dagen McDowell
The firm won't post publicly available info. More

NAV Is Not a Variable You Need to Worry About
By Dagen McDowell
Don't get hung up on a fund's net asset value. More

Readers Demand More Details on Fund Directors
By Dagen McDowell
Also, more funds that can short stocks and a few words about Internet UITs. More

Two Faddish Funds Make a Pretty Good Fit
By Dagen McDowell
Dow Dogs and the Internet fund are quite divergent strategies. But together, they cover a lot of bases. More

What's My Mother-in-law Doing in That Tax-Free Bond Fund?
By Elizabeth Roy
Also, any difference between interest and principal Treasury STRIPS? More