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Do Big Mutual Fund Gains Mean Big Distributions?

Also: When to shift allocation of 401(k) assets, testing the knowledge of fund company phone reps and more.

A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

Internet Fund Gains Don't Foreshadow Big Distributions
By Dagen McDowell
One doesn't necessarily lead to the other. In fact, three major Internet funds say their distributions will be minimal. More

How Can I Keep My 401(k) Account Abreast of Market Trends?
By Dagen McDowell
Where your 401(k) is concerned, the best way to deal with market trends is to ignore them. More

Pointed Questions Often Stump Fund Company Phone Reps
By Dagen McDowell
Anything can happen when you get a phone rep to depart from the script. More

Why Were My Preferred Shares Falling?
By Elizabeth Roy
Also, choosing between bonds and bond funds, and more closed-end fund info on the Web. More

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