Do Any Mutual Funds Short Stocks?

Also, undiscovered small-cap funds and alternatives to the exclusive DFA funds.
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A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

Are There Funds That Short Stocks?
By Dagen McDowell
Long-short and market-neutral funds both use short positions. But one strategy is risky and the other is unsuccessful. More

Readers Suggest Undiscovered Small-Cap Managers
By Dagen McDowell
Some you've probably heard of. All are worth knowing about. More

What's a Good Substitute for the Exclusive DFA Funds?
By Dagen McDowell
DFA's index-like funds are available only through carefully screened financial advisers. More

Is Janus Flexible Income an Appropriate First Fund?
By Elizabeth Roy
For wary first-timers, a money-market fund may be a better choice. More