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Ditch the Crowds at One of These 25 Emerging Travel Spots

From beaches to northern lights, hiking, history, scenic beauty and exotic wildlife, there's a vacation destination for just about anyone on this list of under-the-radar places to go.

Europe is opening its borders to vaccinated travelers, and U.S. citizens can expect to be added to the EU's list of safe countries soon. With some restrictions, Americans can also travel to the U.K., Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, the Caribbean, and many other places. The Olympics are scheduled to be on, but foreign visitors are not allowed in Japan, and Australia is very restricted.

These are some of the places on this list of under-the-radar destinations you might want to consider if you want to avoid the crowds in a resurgence of travel after more than a year of shutdowns and shelter-in-place. 

With antsy humans eager to hit the road and the skies, the hassles are still plentiful. COVID restrictions are still out there -- testing, proof of vaccination or health insurance may be required to enter some countries. Security lines at airports are long, hotels are understaffed, rental cars are expensive and scarce, and many airport restaurants are still closed, according to the Wall St. Journal.

This list of TripAdvisor’s emerging destinations -- which includes some spots in the U.S. -- offers some hope of avoiding the most crowded places by culling listings for destinations that savvy travelers scoped out, mostly during the pandemic. TripAdvisor goes by the quantity and quality of traveler reviews and ratings on the site, gathered over a 12-month period. Don't jump on a plane until you've researched the restrictions in any destination.

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