A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

What's Your Take on Merrill's Online Odyssey?
By Dagen McDowell
Here are the details, however few, on Merrill's new online accounts. More

How Can I Uncover More About a Fund Manager's Background?
By Dagen McDowell
The fund companies themselves typically provide minimal info. Here's how to dig deeper. More

How Do the Carrying Costs of WEBS, SPDRs and Funds Compare?
By Dagen McDowell
WEBS and SPDRs are passively managed investments, hence their low expenses. More

Merrill's Online Trading Move Intrigues Some, Repels Others
By Dagen McDowell
We survey the reaction and answer your questions about the new accounts. More

Are California Muni Bonds for Me?
By Elizabeth Roy
You have to calculate the answer to that question. Also, we look at several good mutual funds. More

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