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As hopes for an economic recovery grow nationwide, grassroots groups plan to convene in the motor city to come up with ways to help Detroit and the nation as a whole to get out of the recession, according to The Detroit News.

“Together we can reinvent Detroit, bringing new jobs and investment, cleaning up our streets and getting tough on crime, finding solutions to improve education and schools and once again restoring trust and pride in our city,” said the city’s mayor Dave Bing in his State of the City address last month.

The grassroots event, called "Another World Is Possible, Another U.S. Is Necessary" will be hosted in June by the U.S. Social Forum, a group that believes that some of the hardships minorities in America experience are related to those experienced in third-world countries. This will be the second U.S. Social Forum event so far.  The first was held two years ago in Atlanta.

Detroit has been one of the hardest-hit cities during the recession, and event organizers want to call attention to the city as being open to new concepts like urban farming and neighborhood downsizing, according to The Detroit News. These moves could shrink city limits and help focus funds on those who need them most.

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"We can show the humanity here, and that is an amazing opportunity to highlight the organizing that's already going on here," Keisha Brooks, who manages the Hush House Black Museum and Leadership Training Institute, told The Detroit News.

Brooks plans to attend the event, which is set to address poverty, violence, the environment, housing displacement and social justice.

The Detroit economy stands to gain about $11 million thanks to the event, according to Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau estimates based on hotel room reservations, the News says.