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Dear Dagen: Readers Critique Fund Web Sites

In general, they'd prefer more info, less hype and faster load times.

After Monday's

column, I realized I was not the only one who is perturbed by crowded, unorganized, overproduced mutual fund Web sites.

"Your article on pet peeves about mutual fund Web sites reminds me of my experience with

Janus," writes

Kel Heeth

. "Ironically its previous, less-fancy site was much easier to navigate (and still had some pretty pictures)."


Kenneth Barlow

isn't fond of the sites from

Fidelity or

American Century.

"Fidelity is trying to get everyone to avoid calling on the phone for info, as it is too costly to talk to humans. But its Web site is slow, due to the useless graphics. And it is tedious to log on and look at your positions if you have more than one account or mutual fund. I find American Century to be needlessly tedious as well. When all I want most of the time is my current position, it would be nice if all I had to do was log on," Barlow writes.

Jim Harper

sent a short list of his dislikes with Fidelity. Here's one: "The Fidelity site times you out, even if you are actively using it. Stupid, especially if I am researching a fund, stock or chart."

Other fund companies did not get by unscathed. "We have

T. Rowe Price for our 401(k). The thing that drives me crazy is that it takes them so long to post daily prices," writes

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Gary Rind

. "Do they have 100 accountants with green eyeshades and accounting paper figuring things out by hand? It's just ridiculous!"

Tom Vayda

doesn't care for Ken Heebner's site. "In what I consider a symbol of Heebner's arrogant style, the

CGM Web site has no holdings or other info," Vayda writes. "Pure marketing hype. You cannot get account info or anything useful. Just like his style of late reports, no communication. ... Yech."

John Krummel

offered this general complaint. "My pet peeve: having to dig through a number of pages to get my account information. Every site should have an 'access your account' button on the first page ... I'm sick of graphic artists getting in the way of information."

Not everyone had negative things to say.

Zeke Seligsohn

praises the

American Funds site. "Lots of info, easy to navigate and the top 10 holdings are updated each month with percentages!"

Chris Duran

likes the

Strong Funds site. "It loads fast, the information is easy to find, and as an investor, I really like the netDirect feature, which gives me an easy way to purchase and redeem shares over the Web."

I Was a Teenage Investor

This is a little overdue, but two readers sent in the same suggestion to the

teenage investor who had just started investing. Both

Richard Mazur


Stephan Hammelberg

suggested that the teen use

The Motley Fool in his educational pursuits. Portrait Studio

So I finally got my face on my column. A friend called to say that I look like a member of the

Symbionese Liberation Army

. I guess you should call me Tanya.

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