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The best thing about free stuff is that there's zero risk. If it's a great product, great! If it's terrible, at least you didn't pay for it. It's a worry-free transaction.

The one exception is when mail-in-rebates are involved. These deals are tricky – there's a deadline for sending them in, all kinds of conditions to meet and paperwork to fill out—and that's if you remember to mail it in. Saying something is free with a mail-in rebate is a big fat asterisk that often drives me away.

Still, today's deal looked too good to pass up. has a $95 bundle that includes Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 with a bonus headset, Nuance PDF converter and Nuance PDF Create. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 is a dictation software that allows you to type without lifting a finger. The three products have mail-in rebates of $25, $20 and $20 (respectively), knocking the price down to $30. When you add the coupon code ZSV6523 (courtesy of, you get another $30 off the total package, bringing the total down to a big fat zero. (Shipping does add around $5.)

Now, the coupon code is tested and confirmed, but I can't speak for the rebates. They all expire at the end of this month, but it looks like as long as you place your order before Sept. 30, you'll have 30 days to send it in. And obviously any number of things could make those rebates disappear in that time – the companies could go out of business, the envelopes could get lost in the mail,or you could simply fill out the forms wrong.

Still, if you play things right, you can land a speech-to-text program and some bonus PDF software for just the $5 shipping. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.