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LOS ANGELES -- Here's a keyboard that is cool and comfortable. The cordless diNovo Keyboard from Logitech (LOGI) - Get Logitech International S.A. Report has just been released in a Mac edition.

What Gadget Grrl looks for in a keyboard is ease of use and whether it's ergonomic.This one is both, because it's pitched, and there is a built-in, brushed-aluminum palm rest. The brushed-aluminum is key, because while you're resting on it, it feels cool to the touch, so you don't get sweaty palms while typing, as you would with a foam or cloth pad.

Next up, most mobile executives are hip to the fact that extra weight and extra baggage has become a problem, especially if you don't want to pay all the extra money to the airlines for a bag that is 1 lb over the limit.

Here are two portable, hand-held scales that can help you determine whether you need to leave a few items out of your bags in order to come in at the designated weight level.

Now, more about that cool keyboard.

diNovo Wireless Keyborad

This keyboard is easy to use, ergonomic and has a brushed-aluminum palm rest. The brushed-aluminum feels cool to the touch, so you don't get sweaty palms while typing.

The keyboard has a full-size layout and 19 shortcut keys to features most Mac users are familiar with; for example: Safari, iTunes, Expose and iChat.

You can also customize your F-keys by holding down an F-key for three seconds and then, using the pulldown menus, change the action associated with that F-key.

The keyboard has not been out long enough to test the "three-year battery" life but it was nice to see the keyboard come with batteries included and working right out of the box.

There are control centers, like the media one that allow you to play, pause and mute the volume. Also, because this keyboard is wireless, that makes it all the more easy to manage your media files from a distance without having to be on top of the desktop.

The diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition can be used with any Mac computer, including the MacBook Air, iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Portable Luggage Scale
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If you don't want to pay all the extra money to the airlines for a bag that is 1 lb over the limit, this gadget is for you.

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With the Balanzza Digital Scale, you can lift up to 100 lbs. You attach the latch to your luggage handle and lift it, wait for the beep, and when you set it down the scale will display how much your bag weighs.

The Ergo model (priced the same) is a smaller version. The main difference on the smaller model is, it does not have a handle on top, but instead uses a formed grip to support and hold up the bag.

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Just like iPod cases, there are a ton of new iPhone apps, some better than others. WikiTap is a new iPhone and Android application (available for free download in the



(AAPL) - Get Apple Inc. Report

and Android Market). WikiTap is a mobile application that lets users read and micro-contribute multimedia content to Wikipedia on the go. So, via your iPhone you can not only search Wikipedia but add to it on the fly.

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