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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Have you ever delivered a package that contained an Apple product? Well then you might as well just say you worked for “Apple” on your resume.

Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) announced Friday that it has directly or indirectly created 514,000 American jobs, based on a study it commissioned from the Analysis Group. The report concluded that roughly 300,000 jobs have been created by Apple’s physical business and another 210,000 have been created from all the apps that are made for Apple products.

While it’s nice for the company to say it has created more than half a million jobs - especially in light of the ongoing controversy over the many jobs it has shipped overseas to factories in China – some of these jobs certainly seem like a stretch.

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Of the 304,000 jobs listed as “supported by Apple,” only 47,000 are people directly employed by the company. The other 257,000 jobs include positions like salespeople at third-party retailers who sell Apple products, workers at FedEx and UPS who transport the products, as well as healthcare professionals who presumably get extra business from people employed at Apple. The study also points to the thousands of iPhone and iPad app developer jobs listed on job search website, though a quick search reveals that many of the current listings are freelance or temporary positions.

To be sure, there’s no question that Apple has created many job opportunities for jobs in the U.S., whether it’s for Apple employees, independent iPad case makers or iPhone app developers, but the numbers here feel inflated. Besides, even if we grant that Apple has created more than half a million jobs at home, it’s still nothing compared to the 1.2 million workers employed at China’s Foxconn factories – though admittedly that includes people who work for other electronics companies like Dell and Microsoft as well.

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