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First, New York hotspot Serendipity assembled a $69 hot dog. Next, a Scottish brewing company bottled a $765 beer (in a dead animal nonetheless). Now, a British chef has given the cheese sandwich a high-end makeover.

Martin Blunos debuted his 111-pound, $176 cheese sandwich at the Frome Cheese Show in Somerset, England, this Saturday. (We did warn you that the cheese sandwich was decidedly less affordable these days.)

The multi-layered delight features black tomato, quail eggs, red mustard frill, red amaranth, figs, apple, pea shoots, sourdough bread, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and edible gold dust. The real bank breaker, however, is the West Country vintage farmhouse cheddar, which is blended with white truffles and makes up $142 of the sandwich’s full price. The gold dust, comparatively speaking, only costs about $5.

“We Brits are known to love our cheese sandwiches, and here’s one that is fit for the banqueting table. The white truffle fuses beautifully with the West Country cheddar and the edible gold gives it a really special look,” Blunos explained to BBC News. “Washed down with a bottle of Krug what more could you want? - although I can't recommend you share it with your bank manager.”

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The Brits apparently love pricey sandwiches. The record for the world's most expensive sandwich is held by the Von Essen Platinum club sandwich, available at England’s Cliveden Hotel in Berkshire for £100 or $154. The triple-decker contains chicken, ham, hard-boiled quails' eggs and $39 worth of white truffles.

Its record-holding days, however, may be numbered. Blunos has applied to Guinness World Records to have his sandwich recognized as the most expensive.

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