What goes through your mind in front of the mirror each morning? Do you think, “Good morning gorgeous?” Or, do you feel more focused on damage control?

If your answer is closer to the latter, makeup artist Carmindy wants to change the way you think about yourself and beauty in general. Her new book, Get Positively Beautiful comes out Tuesday, and it’s makeup with a message. As someone who would rather work with real women than get in on the hot photo shoot, Carmindy, 37, stands out in an industry that largely runs mostly on star power. Positively Beautiful is all about finding the beauty in each and every woman, a gift that she identifies as responsible for much of her success.

Carmindy’s beauty philosophy is as fresh and vibrant as the looks she creates. “As women, the more we accomplish the more insecure we’re becoming,” she tells MainStreet. “This is a time in our lives where we should be completely liberated and instead we’re falling victim to the whole comparison game, looking at other women and thinking, ‘She’s prettier, she’s hotter, she’s sexier.’”

Carmindy’s approachable, positive philosophy has translated into a solid business strategy as well. Her first book, The Five-Minute Face sold 60,000 copies, making it one of the best-selling beauty books of all time. And when it came time to start her own makeup line, Carmindy rejected offers from high-end, department store brands. “I said, give me mass market, I want it in drug stores,” she remembers. She partnered with Sally Hansen and started selling Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy in 4,200 stores around North America this year, and new products for the line are in development for next year.

When she started on TLC’s top-rated What Not To Wear, industry insiders warned Carmindy against working with regular women, instead encouraging her to show off her skills on models and well known stars. But the show only helped solidify her philosophy and take that to market. She instantly appreciated how much she could change the way women thought about themselves, and how thankful they were for her perspective on their beauty.
Get Positively Beautiful follows in those same footprints as a beauty book that features only regular women, no stars and no professional models. The women portrayed represent a range of ethnicities, colors and ages, and share personal stories about how their perceptions of themselves have changed over time, and how they developed their own personal beauty ideals. But beauty junkies won’t be disappointed. The book also organizes how-to’s by feature (skin, lips, eyes, cheeks, and makeovers) to ensure no  feature goes uncovered.

As a firm believer in the quality of drugstore brands, Carmindy counsels that you don’t need a lot of cash to exude confidence and stock your makeup bag.

Money saving tips straight from Carmindy:

“Cetaphil is the best cleanser and it only cost $7.99. Dermatologists recommend it.”

“Sugar is the ultimate exfoliant, it’s the best scrub in the world. Just take a handful and some warm water and rub it in. I’ve done it in hotel rooms, and on airplanes. It gets rid of dry skin cells but dissolves so it’s gentle and won’t tear your skin.”

“Eye primer is just repackaged foundation or concealer.”

“Lash building mascara doesn’t work, Just use a small brush and several coats and call it a day.”

One thing you don’t want to skimp on is sunscreen. Carmindy warns that foundations that boast SPF 15 aren’t really going to do the job when you only wear a thin coat. Moisturize with a SPF 30 or higher lotion, give it a couple minutes to sink in and then do your normal beauty routine. And of course, the best advice she has is absolutely free. “Start saying better things to yourself every day,” she says. “It can totally change your life.”