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Five days of trash pickup and two days of anger management classes apparently did not do much to reform Naomi Campbell’s aggressive ways.

Fifteen months after being disciplined for hurling a cell phone at her housekeeper, the surly supermodel is all about angry, again. On April 4 Campbell was released on bail after she was arrested at the U.K.'s Heathrow Airport the previous day for spitting at a police officer during an argument over lost luggage.

The tantrum prone model will probably land back in anger management, although it’s difficult to estimate the amount of hour-long classes a court will order. “There is no rubric on how many you get,” says Shannon Munford, owner of Day Break Services in Santa Monica, Calif. “I have a young lady who got in a disagreement with a meter maid and got 52 classes. And I have another lady who stabbed her husband’s mistress, and got 36.”

Day Break charges $35 dollars per group session, with a maximum of 10 participants. And contrary to popular belief, there are no approved standards of who can teach anger management classes. “We have teachers with high school degrees and teachers with doctorate degrees,” says Munford. Eliot P. Kaplan, who holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, charges a bit more at $60 for each private session. He usually sees clients for eight to 10 sessions.

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But it’s the inconvenience, not the price, which usually keeps people from becoming multiple offenders. “I think some people might not be fully ready after their mandated sessions, but part of the course is the hassle of it,” says Kaplan, who runs Anger Management Therapy in New York. “It’s the fact the person has to show up, take time off from work and take the bus. I tell clients the next time a situation comes up when someone gives you a dirty look, part of you should think, ‘do want to go through this again?’”

Maybe Campbell should consider that. She may have gotten off with only two classes for her last tizzy, but some people are less sympathetic this time. “For a second go-around, a person should get 52 classes,” says Munford. “And, Naomi may need some additional services as far as a psychological evaluation. Anger management is considered education, not counseling.”