What To Buy in July - TheStreet

As the economy continues to sputter and limp along people at every income level pinch pennies, count coupons and worry about future financial rainy days. Knowing what to buy at certain times of the year can be a great way of saving money on both small and big-ticket items.

According to Consumer Reports, some of the best items to buy in July include swimwear that is soon to go out of season and computers. In addition to your local computer retailer be sure to check online sellers for summer specials. Below are a few other ways to save a few bucks in July.

• Grilling and Picnic Products. According to The Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson, grocery retailers slash the prices of summertime grilling and picnic products such as hot dogs, hamburger meat, chips and soda in July as well as picnicking necessities like paper plates, plastic cups and utensils. Nelson suggests buying these items in bulk while they are on sale and storing or freezing what you don’t need right away for later use. Nelson also strongly recommends shopping for seasonal fruits and vegetables such as cherries that might cost $1.99 per pound July while out of season can be as high as $5.99 per pound.

• Man Things: In May and June retailers stock up on Father’s Day gift items such as wallets, ties, money clips and cuff links. Come July, these items often go on sale.

• Summer Specific Clothing. Retailers both big and small need to make room for back to school clothes that hit shelves in the late summer. Starting in July many major retailers begin to steeply discount summer specific items such as t-shirts, shorts and sandals. (Check out the sale at American Eagle Outfitters).

• Indoor and Outdoor Furniture. According Cheapiosity, a website dedicated to helping consumers find the best deals on just about everything, new inventories for both indoor and outdoor furniture arrive in stores in August and September, so July can be a great time to find discounts on items like couches, patio sets and chaise lounges.

• Appliances. Many major appliance sales take place over the 4th of July holiday. However, there are still many deals to be made on appliances that stores want and need to clear out to make way for the new models. Don’t be afraid to be a Bargain Betty and haggle with the salespeople. With so many choices in appliances retailers and so few customers, they need you more than you need them right now.

• Sunscreen. Discount retailers and drug stores slash the price of suncreen starting in July. Since most sunscreens can be used for up to a year, The Coupon Mom recommends stocking up while it’s the least expensive.

• Vacations. If a staycation isn’t you’re idea of a vacation and you don’t wither in extreme heat and humidity, take a summer holiday in a location where most people take winter vacations. At the deluxe Jonathan Adler designed Le Parker Méridien Palm Springs, a standard room with a king sized bed runs around $325 per night during the winter high season but just $199 per night in August, a savings of more than 33%.

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