I love the violent, over-the-top language that retailers sometimes use to advertise clearance sales, like “fire sale” and “doorbuster” and “blowout.” I imagine shoppers forcing their way into stores with a battering ram to get at the insane deals inside, and retailers so desperate to clear their inventory that they’re firing clothes at shoppers with those T-shirt cannons they use at baseball games.

Anyway, this weekend we’ve got two doorbusters and a blowout, which should be very exciting to everyone. The deal alert level is at orange; we’re at DEALCON 2. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Aeropostale (“Weekend Clearance Blowout!”)
Aero/NY Zip-Front Hoodie
Price: $12.99 | Was: $49.50

This is a great deal if you’re a really big person or a really small one – “rich wine” (maroon) is only available in XXL and 3XL, and “brt yellow” (yellow) is only in XS, XL, XXL and 3XL. If you’re more medium-sized, I’d recommend the Colorblock fleece jacket for $16.79. 

Old Navy (“Doorbuster Days”)
Women’s Performance Fleece Zip Vests
Price: $5 | Was: $15

Old Navy is advertising new deals daily through Tuesday. This vest, for instance, is perfect for keeping your torso warm but leaving your arms cool, if that’s the sort of experience you’re after.

Jos. A. Bank (“Doorbusters!”)
Cashmere V-Neck Sweater
Price: $99 | Was: $275

It may seem like $99 is a lot to pay for a sweater (at least one that’s supposed to be on sale) until you consider that it was originally $275. I’m curious what could justify charging $275 for a sweater. Maybe it’s made from angel wings.

They also have lambskin jackets for 70% off, and all suits are 60% off through Sunday.

BKE Puzzle Belt
Price: $1.80 | Was: $18.00

Buckle.com is taking up to 90% off everything from belts to sweaters, including this belt for $1.80. The real prize, though, is this eye-catching polo shirt from G-Unit. Perfect for Casual Friday!

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