Over-taxed workers who eke out some vacation time this summer should be wary before they pick a destination: Some states that are popular with vacationers are looking to over-tax you some more, literally.

According to a report in USA Today, a good number of the 46 states which begin their fiscal year in July are looking to balance their budgets by hiking up tourist-related taxes, especially for hotel room and car rentals.

Among the states where it will now cost you more to stay in a hotel: Hawaii, Nevada, Massachusetts and New York, which just raised its hotel tax to 14.25%.

In terms of car rentals, fees are also on the rise. According to USA Today, the car rental fee in Milwaukee, for example, is now $18, up from $2.

One way to save in the face of these tax increases? Consider house swaps or staying with friends, such accommodations are tax-free.

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