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Chocolate has long been associated with cavitities and poundage but now there’s good news. According to a recent study at Yale University, women who eat chocolate may have a decreased risk for preeclampsia. What is that? It’s a form of toxemia that can occur as a complication during pregnancy.

If you’re not pregnant, then the benefits include the pleasure gained from consuming the cocoa product. Christopher Norman’s Chocolate is just one of the places that offer fresh products everyday. While the store prices might be higher than the price of a Snickers, the product is also completely different. A Domino Box can cost you $40 for dark chocolate filled with caramel, and a handmade chocolate bar will cost you about $4.50. Refusing to use a cheaper brand of chocolate, the store deems itself cutting edge or “ahead of the cover”, which is just very well may be. Hand painted chocolates is just another option on the menu. Take a look.

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