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Are you self-centered, arrogant or conceited? Do you have a strong need for recognition? If so, you must be a Mac (AAPL) user. At least that’s what a recent study of 7,500 Mac owners concluded.  

According to the survey by Mindset Media, Mac users really do think they’re superior over PC users, are more likely to use teeth whitening products, buy organic food, frequent Starbucks (SBUX) and cruise in station wagons (Volvos maybe?) (F). They care more about the environment, and feel happiness (and unhappiness) more intensely than others. At least that's what they say about themselves.

As the decades old Mac versus PC war rages on, this study makes life look even brighter for Mac users, especially considering sales grew 37% last year. But PC users, as de-caffeinated at bland as they may be, still occupy 80% of the U.S. market, and 90% worldwide, leaving a ways to go before the world reaches "Mac-topia."  

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