Some top-selling drugs that have recently lost or soon will lose patent protection and face generic competition, along with their purpose. The dates are estimates and can change.


Fosamax, osteoporosis

Imitrex, migraines

Protonix, severe heartburn

Risperdal, schizophrenia/bipolar disorder


Prevacid, severe heartburn

Topamax, migraine prevention/epilepsy

Valtrex, herpes


Cozaar/Hyzaar, high blood pressure

Flomax, overactive bladder


Actos, diabetes

Aricept, Alzheimer's disease

Effexor XR, antidepressant

Levaquin, bacterial infections

Lipitor, cholesterol


Lexapro, antidepressant

Plavix, blood thinner

Seroquel, schizophrenia/bipolar disorder


Source: Medco Health Solutions July 2008 report

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