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Twitter isn’t just a platform for 140-character, self-indulgent updates about random musings. It could save you money every day.

Whether tips are directly from retailers or discount aggregators, Twitter offers social networking bargain shoppers a way to find out about deals on a variety of products in one place.

Retailers are increasingly using Twitter to allow members to “follow” their posts in real time, according to The Wall Street Journal, which mentions free meals and $20 flights as some of the bargains available via Twitter.

Here’s a highlight of a few twittering retailers and Twitter pages that could save you money.
• Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy (Stock Quote BBY) has a Twitter page for its outlet store where you can find deals on video games, cameras, DVD players and more. One posting early in July advertised a matte silver Toshiba laptop with an Intel Celeron Processor on sale for $299.99 from $399.99.
• You can also hear about discounts and deals on health and beauty products and prescriptions. They include free skincare items with a specific purchase, deals for stuff under $1 and buy one get one free deals.
• Aggregator sites that pull deals from all over the web also have Twitter pages where you can find nothing but deals. Bargain Feeder lists deals on gadgets, computers, shoes, clothes, accessories and more.

• If you’d rather look for deals in bricks and mortar stores,’s Twitter page might be for you. ShopLocal lists deals on in-store purchases. And on their Web site, you can search for deals based on your city and the stores in your area.

One good place to find out if your favorite brands are tweeting is TrackingTwitter. Remember, Twitter cannot always verify that high-profiles names are registered correctly so it is wise to double check who is publicizing deals before you start to buy stuff.

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