The newest movie in the Twilight saga, Eclipse, officially opened last night at midnight and it’s already breaking records. The franchise's third installment took in more than $30 million last night alone, the biggest box office take for a midnight showing ever. But the big screen isn’t the only place to find your favorite vampires and wolfmen. Not if you’ve got an iPhone.

We counted at least 25 apps that are directly related to either the book or movie series, and there are dozens more that are tangentially related (i.e. vampire-inspired apps that allude to the movies).

The latest entries in the Twilight iPhone collection come from Summit Entertainment and GameHouse, which jointly released two mobile Twilight games for all mobile platforms, including the iPhone. The games are called “The Twilight Saga: Memory Quest” ($2.99) and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Game” (Free).

The games are pretty basic. Memory Quest is essentially a classic tile matching game. As you match shapes on tiles, the tiles disappear and eventually reveal a picture of a Twilight character. Eclipse Movie Game features a number of trivial question and some puzzles as well.

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Why stop there? Check out this post on Appolicious for a nice collection of Twilight apps for the iPhone. Our favorite is Defining Twilight, the $4.99 app based on a book of the same name, that allows users to prep for the SATs by using Twilight as a vocabulary tool. This seems like just one small step up from paying your kids to study. But hey, whatever works.

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