GPS device maker TomTom might be overestimating America’s love for the Simpsons.

The company introduced an optional Homer Simpson voice, which gives you turn-by-turn directions on your portable TomTom GPS device, for a download fee of $12.95. 

“With the original Homer at your side, even the shortest drive will transform into a journey to remember,” the company says. 

It’s a fun idea on the surface, but with occasional quips like, “We might find an ice cream truck! Mmm … ice cream,” or a crazy laugh or “woo-hoo!” throughout your trip, the voice might actually end up being maddening to some consumers, especially on a long drive.  

“Celebrity voice downloads are one of the many features TomTom offers to our customers to personalize their driving experience,” said TomTom president Jocelyn Vigreux in a press release. “With Homer Simpson’s voice helping them to navigate their trip, TomTom customers will not only travel safely and with less stress, but will also be highly entertained along the way.” (Or possibly highly annoyed.)

TomTom has partnered with Locutio Voice Technologies and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Stock Quote: NWS) to make Homer Simpson’s voice available on all TomTom devices. (Other celebrity voice optiosn include Monty Python vet John Cleese, Burt Reynolds and the voice of Kitt from Knight Ryder.) Whether this Homeric move will bring in lots of 'D'Oh' is yet to be determined.

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